How I Choreograph!

Being a dancer and teaching dance can be hard to manage. You have a lot of choreography to remember, and it can get jumbled up in your brain very easily. Besides choreographing for the kids I teach and remembering my own choreography, I do a lot of choreography on my own for fun. Today, I’m going to share with you how I choreograph and how to create your own choreography notebook! I’ve added pictures so you can see exactly what I do. (Also apologies for not posting, I’ve been so busy! But i’m back now 🙂)

Step One: Buy a good notebook. I recommend using a spiral notebook so that it’s easier to turn pages or leave it open in front of you. Get a good sized notebook, not a mini one, so it is easier to read and keep track of. Pick a notebook you like, whether it’s your favorite color or has a pretty design, but don’t spend a lot of money on one. I got mine from Target for about $3, which can seem pricy for a notebook, but it’s amazing quality and worth it as I want to keep my choreography for a long time to hopefully use when I’m older (if you don’t know, I want to be a choreographer and would love to use some of my current work!)

Step Two: Pick a song and set up your page. Pick a song you like that you want to choreograph to. In the top bar of a page in your notebook, write Song, Style, Ages, Costumes, Hair, and Number of People like shown below. Fill in the song title and artist, the dance style, the age group the dance is intended for, the costumes you want, how the hair should be done, and the number of people in the dance. You can always leave some blank and fill them in once you’ve finished choreographing your dance.

Step Three: Write out the lyrics. Write out every lyric to the song in a colored pen, and repeat the chorus every time it happens. Skip two lines between each lyric so you have adequate room for choreography. Use a different pen color for each song you choreograph so when you’re flipping through, you can easily find the right song.

Step Four: Choreograph! Now that you have your notebook ready, you can start choreographing! Write your choreography in pencil so it’s easy to distinguish from the lyrics. Also make notes in the margins! Jot down what a move is supposed to represent, a better description of it (if it doesn’t have a specific name and you want to save space on the lines), or make tiny dots to represent people’s spots for a new formation. Trust me, you’ll be thankful when you’re teaching it later or looking back at it in a couple months.

Comment below how you do your choreography and your favorite song from a past dance! Let me know what type of posts you’d like to see in the future 🙂

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