7 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Anyone!

As Christmas gets closer, we start to think about Christmas gifts and what we want to get the special people in our lives. Some people do there shopping ahead of time, but in reality, most people go into panic mode the week before. It’s super hard to find a great gift that late, and maybe you don’t even have time to go shopping! Today, I’m going to share with you 7 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts that you can give to anyone!

  1. Travel Art Kit– this art kit is great to be used on long car rides or plane flights, and is a great thing to give someone since most people travel for the holidays. It’s super easy to make and super cute!
  2. Natural Lip Balm– a lip balm is a great stocking stuffer and this is a super easy DIY! You can also include it in your Spa in a Jar (see #5).
  3. Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub– this sugar scrub is really easy to make, and the peppermint scent is perfect for Christmas!
  4. Candy Filled Soda Bottle– candy is a great last minute gift, and putting it in a soda bottle puts a cute spin on it! It’s super easy and makes a great gift.
  5. Spa In a Jar– a spa in a jar is a great gift for anybody, as you can vary the contents! You can have a theme for the items or put in their favorite products.
  6. Chalkboard– chalkboards are so helpful for anybody, like a drawing board for toddlers or a to-do list for adults. They can be expensive though, so why not make your own with this easy DIY!
  7. Soap– soap is always a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer and these easy DIY soaps are perfect!

Comment below if you have ever made any of these and how it turned out or your favorite DIY! Let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see in the future.

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally



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