How I Choreograph!

Being a dancer and teaching dance can be hard to manage. You have a lot of choreography to remember, and it can get jumbled up in your brain very easily. Besides choreographing for the kids I teach and remembering my own choreography, I do a lot of choreography on my own for fun. Today, I'm… Continue reading How I Choreograph!


The Awesome Blogger Award!

Rules: Thank the person who nominated you (thank you, Lydia!) Include the reason behind the award Include the banner in your post Tag it under #awesomebloggeraward in the Reader Answer the questions your nominator gave you Nominate at least 5 awesome bloggers Give your nominees 10 questions to answer Let the nominees know you’ve been nominated!… Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award!



well I forgot to post again. and again. and aga- well, I think you get my point. I'm forgetful. But I've been working really hard the past couple days (cause I'm on spring break and have a lot more time) to write some good posts so uploads start this week! (Check back Thursday for a… Continue reading #oops