Back to School DIY’s!

Summer is coming to a close (*sob*) and the best part of getting ready for school to start is picking out your school supplies! But back to school shopping is absolutely chaos. By the time you make it through the crowds of people to the right aisle, all the good stuff is gone! I love to try new DIY’s and I figured that this would be a good time to try out some DIY school supplies! I’m dividing these into 3 categories with some extra stuff at the end so make sure you read all the way through ūüôā

School Supplies:

  • Everyone knows that when you let someone borrow a pencil, you’ll never get it back because you can never tell that it’s yours! But with these super cute and super easy¬†washi tape pencils, you’ll be able to always get your pencils back ūüôā
  • I love these¬†DIY pencil cases¬†because they are really easy to make and so useful! They’re super cute and multi purposed; you don’t have to use it for pens and pencils!

Locker Supplies:

  • Obviously, I have to include this¬†paint sample calendar! It’s a little clich√©, but it’s actually really useful, and really easy to make! I love that you can use it in your locker or in your bedroom, and you can use it to plan out your week or just to cross off the days.
  • I don’t know about you, but I like to tape little notes and pictures to the inside of my locker door to brighten my day at school. But plain old clear tape isn’t very pretty! That’s why I love these¬†bottle cap magnets¬†because they are so colorful and are the perfect little pop my locker needs!
  • I love these¬†Duck Tape Pockets¬†because they are perfect to organize all the random stuff I have in my locker! They are easy to make and I love that you can customize them with any color or pattern of duck tape.


  • Headphones are so useful at school, whether your listening to music on the bus or using them (as directed by a teacher of course!) in class. But they always get so tangled and it’s a nightmare to untangle them. This¬†earbud holder¬†is the perfect solution because it keeps your headphones untangled, and is really cute and quick to make!
  • This DIY¬†homework caddy is the perfect thing to organize the school supplies I keep on my desk at home! It takes up so much less space then everything does spread out and is so cute! Like the duck tape pockets, you can customize it with any color or pattern of tape.

Extra Links (some of my favorites):

Comment down below which one of these was most helpful to you and any other DIY’s you think I should try! Also comment whether you’re excited or sad that school is starting, and what grade your in!

Keep Dreaming

‚̧ Ally


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