Teaching Tips for Dancers!

As most of you know, I teach dance as well as dance myself. I teach 5-8 year olds (kindergarten to 2nd graders) which can be very difficult. I know a lot of people that read this are teachers to, or thinking about being a teacher, so I’ve compiled a list of my most helpful Teaching Tips to share with you!

  1. Send Out Choreography Videos- this is a must, especially with younger kids! They easily forget the choreography, so I like to send out a video with choreography to the parents so the kids can practice at home. They get really excited about seeing me and my assistant teacher in the video and it really helps them learn!
  2. Be Patient- it takes a lot of patience to teach 5 year olds! Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but it can be hard. It helps me to remember that they’ve been at school all day, just like me, and have a lot of bottled up energy. Also, they are still little kids and just want to play!
  3. Turn Things Into a Game- at least in my case, my kids are always begging to play a game, but we have to get through the choreography so sometimes, I have to say no. But it’s a lot easier than you think to turn your choreography into a game. If you’re learning new choreography, turn it into a follow the leader game. If you want them to act like a certain animal or object during an instrumental part of the song, turn it into a game where you say “If you’re wearing [insert color], dance around like a [insert object]”. It helps get their energy out, makes choreography fun, and replaces a game!
  4. Write Down Your Choreography- this is so important as a dance teacher! I take a lot my own classes, and all the choreography for all my different dances gets mixed up in my brain really easily. It’s so helpful to write out the lyrics and then write out the choreography (in some wording that you can understand looking back at it) which helps keep it separate from your other dances and it makes it so much easier when you’re teaching.
  5. Use a Reward System- especially with younger kids, motivation is absolutely the key! Use whatever works for you and your group, from a marble jar to a sticker chart. Once they fill up or complete the reward system thing, bring them a prize! You can bring them candy, or if you don’t want to sugar them up, bring them little bouncy balls or bracelets from the dollar store. It keep them inspired to work hard and listen, and it’s fun to do!

Comment down below what tips you have for teaching and which one works best for you!

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