Quick and Easy Healthy Snacks!

Eating healthy is important not only as a dancer, but for everyone! Healthy food doesn’t always taste as good as those mouth-watering potato chips and candy bars, but with these recipes, you can eat healthy and delicious at the same time! I’ve included links with recipes to make these, but feel free to experiment and add your own flavors and ingredients to them!

  1. Popcorn– when made right, popcorn can actually be really good for you! It’s super easy to make and soooo good.
  2. Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites– these yogurt-covered blueberry bites are super easy and taste delicious! They’re really good for you and are the perfect sweet treat that’s healthy at the same time.
  3. Baked Carrot Chips– carrots are one of those healthy foods that nobody really wants to eat, but these baked carrot chips are almost as good, if not better than potato chips! They’re super easy to make and taste amazing.
  4. No Bake Chocolate Chip Blondies– these blondies are so good and surprisingly, super healthy! They are full of protein and taste just like the sugary blondies we’re used to.
  5. Avocado Toast– avocados are really good for you and are delicious! These recipes for avocado toast are the perfect snack and are quick and easy to make. I linked a page with multiple recipes so that you can make the ones that sound the best to you 🙂

Comment below your favorite healthy snacks, and let me know what posts you’d like to see in the future!

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally


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