The Best Workout Equipment For Dancers!

*I’m sorry for not posting on Thursday, we had a long weekend for school and I was busy with homework. I will post this Saturday to make up for it 🙂

As a dancer, it’s really important to stay in shape and eat healthy. Instead of paying for a gym membership, I stretch and condition at dance and work out at home. So today, I’m going to share The Best Workout Equipment For Dancers! All of the products are linked and are great to use at home.

  1. Ankle/Wrist Weights– ankle weights are great to use to strengthen your feet for pointe, or just in general, and they also work for wrists!
  2. Yoga Blocks– yoga blocks are a great thing to have as a dancer, as you can use them for yoga, pilates, over-splits, or balancing!
  3. Hand Weights– hand weights are great for strengthen your arms, and are a basic necessity for a home gym.
  4. Bosu Balance Trainer– this balance trainer is great for dancers, because it helps so much with you balance control! It will strengthen your core, and you can also use it for other exercises.
  5. Pull Up Bar– a pull up bar is great for a home gym, because pull ups and chin ups are great for you! Also, with a big enough doorway, it could double as a gymnastics bar.
  6. Yoga Ball– a yoga ball is great for not only yoga, but so many other exercises! You can also use it to practice gymnastics if you do cheer, gymnastics, or take acro.
  7. Indoor Bike Stand– this bike stand is great if you love biking, but don’t have the time, space, or it’s too cold! Just place you bike in the stand and start pedaling.
  8. Jump Rope– a jump rope is fun to use, and is an awesome workout!
  9. Yoga Mat– a yoga mat is a must-have for an at home gym! You can do yoga, pilates, or just stretch on it.
  10. Kettlebell– a kettlebell is like a weight, and it is great for working out! It strengthens your arms and certain exercises can strengthen your core or legs.

Comment below your favorite piece of workout equipment and let me know what posts you’d like to see in the future!

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2 thoughts on “The Best Workout Equipment For Dancers!”

  1. Ooh! Nice stuff 😀 I don’t work out very much except for dance…sometimes I try to do stuff like pilates at home, but it never continues for more than ten minutes or so…Do you have all this equipment?

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