Christmas Gift Ideas For Dancers!

The leaves are falling, the weather is changing, and it’s getting closer to Christmas. As all dancers know, Christmas can be a very stressful time with Nutcracker performances or a Winter Showcase. At my dance studio, we do a “Secret Santa” exchange every year where you draw a name out of a hat and give an anonymous gift to that person. It’s super fun to exchange gifts with other dancers, because they can relate to you and give you stuff you need. So today, I’m going to share with you My Top Ten Christmas Gift Ideas For Dancers!

  1. So Danca Mini Pointe Shoe– This mini pointe shoe is the cutest thing ever! It is so realistic and perfect to hook on your dance bag. They come in 14 different colors, so you can get a different one for each of your friends!
  2. Covet Dance Fizzy Feet Bath Bombs– These bath bombs are great for dancers! After long rehearsals, my feet always hurt, and it would be great to come home and soak my feet or take a bubble bath with one of these. And even better, they’re shaped like pointe shoes! Covet Dance has holiday colored bath bombs and regular bath bombs so you can get one of each to use all year round!
  3. Stage Makeup Kit– Dancers wear a lot of stage makeup throughout the year for different performances, so this stage makeup kit would be a great gift! It comes with eyeshadows, blushes, powder, lipstick, and more!
  4. New York City Ballet Tank Top– This tank top from New York City Ballet is so cute and perfect to wear to dance! NYCB has great quality products, and it’s so fun to be repping them!
  5. Covet Dance Oh Pliés Necklace– This rose gold necklace is so pretty and so relatable! This would be a perfect gift for a dancer!
  6. Gaynor Minden Legwarmers– These legwarmers are so cute and comfy! They are super stretchy so you can easily slide them over your feet and wear them at dance! They are also fun to wear around your house 🙂
  7. Covet Dance Nutcracker Sweatshirt– This sweatshirt, which has a nutcracker on it and says “Crushing It” (haha get it? Like a nutcracker?) is perfect for a dancer! It is so comfy and will keep you warm in the winter. Plus, you can never have too much Nutcracker stuff!
  8. Ballerina Necklace– This adorable, sparkly necklace is a great gift for you dance friends! It’s simple and cute, and reminds you of how much you love to dance.
  9. Covet Dance HTutuO Water Bottle– This water bottle from Covet dance is so funny! Water is an essential for dancers, and this dance pun water bottle is great to have at class. It comes in two gorgeous colors, so you and your friend can each have one and not get them confused!
  10. Zazzle Long-Sleeved Dance T-Shirt– This long-sleeved shirt from Zazzle, which says “Stretch, Sweat, Pirouette” is perfect for a dancer! It is super cute and would be great to wear to dance. It comes in 4 colors, so pick which one you like best, or get a different one for a friend!

Comment down below the best Christmas gift that you’ve gotten in the past or if you have any of these products, and please let me know what kind of posts you’d like to see in the future!

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally


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