why i hate speech.

At my school, they require us to take Speech, which is a class where you learn public speaking skills and have to give speeches to your class. If you know me personally, you know that I hate public speaking. Like really hate it. So obviously it’s a class I dread. Also, it is my last period of the day, so it’s always a struggle not to fall asleep. On Thursday, our regular teacher wasn’t here. We had a sub, and our regular teacher had asked the sub to videotape the speeches so she could watch them at home and grade us. I went last. Ugh. I don’t like going first, because that is awkward, but I don’t like going last either. So we get to my turn. I walk up to the podium and give the speech. Then the sub who was doing the video looks down at the camera and looks up at me with a guilty look on her face.

“What’s your name sweetie?”

“Ally Rumbaugh”

“I’m really sorry Ally, but the camera didn’t record your speech. Can you do it again?”

I was soooooo mad, but it wasn’t  her fault, and I wasn’t going to be rude, so I was like:

“Sure, no problem!”

And then the bell rings.

“Oh, that’s too bad. You’ll just have to do it for her later. Good luck figuring that out!”

And then she leaves. Yeah. Super helpful.

So I had speech again today. Our regular teacher was back and we were giving a different speech today. And guess who had to go first. (Me. It’s me.) So I finish (finally) and start to go sit down.

“Ally, can you come see me for a minute?”

I went over to my teacher and she literally pulls me out of the classroom into the hallway to talk to me. She tells me about how it didn’t record and asks me if I would be able to give it again today. I say yes (what other option do I have) and then go back into the classroom. She announces to the whole class what happened and then makes me give it again. I don’t know why she pulled me out if she was telling everybody anyway, and they’ve already heard it already. Why can’t I just come down to her office and do it for her? But noooooo. I have to give two speeches, right after another, in front of everybody. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I ended up getting a 94 on one speech and a 98 on the second, so I was satisfied, but pretty frustrated. Comment below if you take or have taken speech at your school and what you thought of it. One of my friends was watching me write this post and said that I should post the two speeches that I gave. If I get enough people that want to read them, I will post them tomorrow, so let me know if you want that in the comments.


Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally


13 thoughts on “why i hate speech.”

  1. I remember taking speech last semester….I had to do the same speech twice, but in the same day because my teacher fell asleep the first time! And it had after I had been sick, so then I had to present the one that was actually due. But good luck with your next speech.

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  2. In one of my co-ops I have to write a three paragraph paper about someone in history, then turn it first person, and then memorize it and give it in front of my whole school. I can totally understand ur frustration. I’l talk to you about another time later maybe on Sunday. Hope this incident doesn’t happen again!😂

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