2017 So Far 

I wrote a post yesterday but something was wrong with WordPress and it wouldn’t publish. That’s why I’m posting today, to make up for it. Ok. Warning you in advance: this is going to be a long post. I have a lot of things to update you all on, so you might want to give yourselves a little bit of time to read this. Or don’t read it. But trust me, you should read this. Ok. Sorry. That made no sense. Let’s get started. 
I haven’t really given any updates since I restarted my blog, so I will update you on everything from January 1st until today. Like I said. This is going to be a long post. In January, not too much happened. We came back to school from Christmas break which obviously was great (😭) and I started with my new schedule. Basically, I dropped chorus to take an EF study hall (Sob. I was not happy about it, but my parents made me and it was probably good. Although I would never admit that). EF stands for Executive Functioning, and an Executive Functioning study hall is basically just a study hall with a maximum of 6 people. It’s super small so that the teacher can focus more on helping individual students with anything they are struggling with. For those of you that don’t know, I have ADD which is ADHD without the hyperactive part (it means that I sometimes have trouble focusing). My ADD is super minor though, so that’s good. I was “diagnosed” in 5th grade (which is actually really late for this kind of stuff) and it’s so minor that I have had some doctors tell me that I’m fine and my only problem is just not wanting to do the work. That was super annoying… but anyway, I switched my schedule to that and stated with it right after Christmas   break. My parents and I wanted me to take EF so that I could get more individual help with math (I hate math. With a passion.) and have more time to do my homework. It’s been really helpful so far because it was really stressful to try and keep up my grades, turn in all my homework, keep up on here, and manage dance all at the same time. I took a little accidental break from here and from YouTube (which I’ll get to later) but now I’m in a good routine. That’s basically all for January. 
February. Valentine’s Day. At my school, they let us buy roses 


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  1. I was “diagnosed” with ADHD in grade 9, which is REALLY late. Oh well. Probably the worst part about it is the feeling that I have to take medicine to be “normal”, so I stopped taking my medicine and I am doing okay in school.

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