I love to travel. I used to say that I didn’t know why, but now I think I do. I’m trapped in this town. Trapped in this city. Trapped in this state. Trapped in this region. Trapped in this country. Sometimes I even feel like I’m trapped in this world. I want to get out. Go places. See things. I love going on airplanes, car rides, boat rides, bike riding… anything that will get me somewhere. I love the mountains. I love the beach. My dream is to one day tour the world. I want to go to Europe and go to France, England, Germany, Switzerland… I want to go to Asia and go to Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore… I want to go to Australia. Other states in America. South America. Africa. Antartica. Everywhere that I can go, I want to.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

One of my favorite places to travel is to the beach. We usually go to the Outer Banks (in North Carolina, USA). I love to stand on the edge of the ocean with the water washing over my feet and look out to the horizon. I love that I can only see the ocean. It stretches out way beyond my view and it makes me want to go beyond that. If I could, I would swim across the ocean until I reached another location and just explore. This summer, we went to Aruba for a week. Aruba is a small island, only 9 miles long. Even though it is so tiny, a week was not nearly enough time to properly explore it. I spent every single day at the beach and pool. I went out pretty far into the ocean, farther than I’ve ever gone before, and had to practically restrain myself from swimming father until I reached Costa Rica. Someday, I’ll go back and explore it more. Aruba is a really cute place, by the way. You should go sometime 🙂 But yes, I love to travel. To explore. I don’t want to be trapped where I am. Comment below your favorite places to travel to.

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally


10 thoughts on “trapped”

      1. Aruba seems amazing!! I go to Florida a lot, and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for vacation, and I have been to many states, but it still does not help me feel better all the way about the trapped feeling. When I graduate high school, I want my parents to take me to Europe, especially France, as my graduation present! I know that’s a huge present, and I shouldn’t expect it, but it’s good to dream some time 😉

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  1. I like Outer Banks, too, and New Bern, NC. I like Georgia- honestly, all the states (for some reason I really want to go to Texas) and I like Ontario, Canada!


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