Happy Birthday! Two Year Blogiversary



Today is my blogversary. I have been blogging for two years now. So much has happened in those two years. I changed my URL. I’ve changed my theme (go look) once again, I’ve had multiple people guest post for me, and I’ve guest posted for others. I’m slightly sad that I chose to delete all my old content and now I can’t link back to my favorite posts, but I’ll link back my favorites of what I have. Today also happens to be Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting on my bed right now, the same place I started this blog two years ago. I started a YouTube channel because of this blog. I’ve made new friends, and had old friends start their own. I’ve learned a lot. Here are links to my favorite posts. Tell me your favorites in the comments.

family is forever

inspiration through words

one of my other favorites is a post called “trapped”. It’s scheduled to go up on Thursday, so I’ll link it here when it’s up, but just remember to read that one when you see it. I loved writing it.

Thank you so much to everybody who reads my writing on here. I love doing it. Thank you to all my followers, and special thanks to everybody who has been with me since the beginning. I love you guys! Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally


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