New Year, New Blog! Crazy Announcement!

It’s 2017. A new year. New resolutions, new goals, new opportunities, new adventures. Which also means a new announcement from me! I have changed my URL (if you haven’t noticed already). It is now dreamersanddancersblog.wordpress.com. I am relaunching everything, so starting today I will be posting on a regular schedule. My schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and YouTube uploads will be on Sunday’s. I’ve changed the theme and the title and username. My YouTube is staying the same (Ally Elise), so make sure you are subscribed to me! I’m not going to be posting notifications of new videos on here anymore, so check back every Sunday and subscribe! You can subscribe if you have a Google account, even if you don’t have a YouTube channel. And it is completely free! I know that I didn’t do a whole “New Year’s Resolutions” post and all that jazz, but I will be posting some resolutions and goals for this year on Monday. Oh yeah, and… I will be clearing all of my content THIS FRIDAY, the 6th, so make sure you go look back at any post you want to re-read or see for the first time!

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally



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